In December 2020, GB Surfing received Progression funding from UK Sport. This funding was to propel the sport forward, empowering us to assemble a squad that’s primed for podium positions at future Olympic Games.
The GB Surfing Progression Squad is made up of young male and female surfers who have got the potential to become future Olympians. The squad will receive specialist coaching and training in the UK and abroad, as well as access to cutting-edge equipment and technology.
We want every one of our athletes to be the best surfer they can possibly be. That’s why we offer them support and guidance at every stage of the process, so that they can unlock their full potential.
Please find details on the Selection Policy via the below link.


The Paris 2024 Olympics will take place in Teahupoo, Tahiti between 27-29 July 2024 and consist of 48 surfers – 24 male and 24 female athletes.

For information on how to qualify, please visit the Olympic Games website here.

You will not need to be part of the GB Surfing Progression Squad to represent Great Britain at the Olympics, and you can find the Selection Criteria for the ISA 2024 World Surf Games below.


With a storied history of competition and world championships reaching back to the 60’s, shortboarding is the pinnacle of high-performance surfing.
For many years, the International Surfing Association (ISA) built the case for the sport’s inclusion in the Olympics, which finally took place at the 2020 Tokyo Games. Following this success, surfing has been confirmed as an event for Paris 2024, LA 2028 and Brisbane 2032.
In December 2020, GB Surfing received UK Sport-centred Progression Funding for the development of the sport, with overall aims of being medal competitive by 2032.
GB Surfing also selects British teams for other shortboarding events, such as the ISA World Surf Games. You don’t need to be part of the Olympics-focused Progression Squad to be considered for one of these events!

For more details on selection, click the link below.


Longboarding is currently deemed an “event” by the IOC, rather than a separate discipline of surfing. However, the ISA is pushing for Longboarding’s inclusion in the 2028 Olympics. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until the end of 2024 at the earliest for their final decision.
As Longboarding is not an Olympic discipline, it does not receive UK Sport funding. Nonetheless, GB Surfing will still manage the selection process of longboarding teams for any tournament where a GB team is being entered. This will be done in collaboration with the Home Nations and British Longboard Union.
Longboarding surfboards are generally over 9’ in length. In competitions, the focus falls on the performance of a variety of traditional and modern moves with flow and style.

To learn more about our Longboarding, click the link below.


The sport of Para Surfing has grown rapidly in the last few years. Now, there’s a wide range of different disciplines within the sport, each catering for a variety of individual disabilities. The World Para Championships have been held since 2015, with British surfers regularly snagging podium and gold medal places.
Currently, Para Surfing receives no UK Sport funding.
Home Nations teams are entered in ISA Para World Championships, meaning that the individual surf federations are responsible for managing teams in this space.

However, this will change in 2024, when GB Surfing will take charge of entering Para teams in international competitions.

Strong signs point towards the sport’s inclusion in the Paralympic programme, with an official announcement expected in 2023. If that happens, GB Surfing will start the funding process application with UK Sport as soon as possible.

To learn more about Para Surfing, click the link below.


SUP is a broad discipline, including flat-water racing divisions, technical races in surf, and then a wave riding “surf” division. technical races in surf, and then a wave riding ‘surf’ division. In all these divisions, participants showcase their skills by standing on boards and using a single paddle. SUP is an exciting sport that holds the potential for inclusion in future Olympics.

Although it is not currently a UK Sport funded discipline, GB Surfing will manage the selection process of SUPing teams for any tournament where a GB team is being entered. It will do this in collaboration with the Home Nations and Barefoot SUP.

To learn more about SUP, click the link below.