GB Surfing Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) Policy Statement

March 2024

Created in 2019 as British Surfing and re-launched as GB Surfing in 2023 with an Olympic mission, we intend to establish Great Britain in international surfing as successful, progressive and respected.

We will develop an inclusive team of elite athletes, leaders, support staff and partners who represent the diverse and rich culture of British society.

GB Surfing will achieve this through an unwavering understanding and commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in how we think and behave, and in everything we do.

Our intention is to develop and nurture an inclusive, welcoming and healthy culture in elite British surfing. We believe that this central focus on our culture is the foundation required to enable and accelerate potential, performance and success at both individual athlete and organisational levels.

We make the following commitments at the start of our ED&I journey:

  • To create and embed the values and inclusive behaviours we expect of our key stakeholders: leaders, team staff, athletes and partners
  • To produce demographic and inclusion baseline data so we are clear on the starting point of our ED&I journey and can create meaningful and impactful strategy to make progress on the KPIs we set
  • To constantly challenge the status quo and find new and innovative ways to improve the accessibility and inclusion of under-represented groups
  • To work in collaborative partnership with the Home Nation Governing Bodies and UK Sport in order to work towards common goals and optimise our impact together on ED&I and sporting success


This policy statement may be updated by GB Surfing at any time.