GB Surfing Announces Two Additions to our ED&I Advisory Group

Following GB Surfing’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in how we think and behave, and in everything we do, we are delighted to announce two exciting additions to our ED&I Advisory Group.

Emma Fry, a Consultant at Pointer Consultancy Group Ltd, will lead on data collection by surveying the current state of surfing in the UK from a demographic and inclusion perspective. This will then give us a baseline at the start of our ED&I journey, from which we can create a meaningful and impactful ED&I strategy and action plan

Laura Setyo, an Associate Director at AstraZeneca, joins the Group to help advise on, and embed, the inclusive behaviours we expect of our key stakeholders: leaders, team staff, athletes and partners. These behaviours will set the standard from which to develop and nurture an inclusive, welcoming and healthy culture in elite British surfing.

Emma and Laura join the Group Chair, Sarah Howe, and will work closely with GB Surfing’s Board of Directors and Management Team, and also collaboratively with the Home Nation Governing Bodies and UK Sport on common goals.

Sarah Howe, Chair of GB Surfing’s ED&I Advisory Group commented: “I’m thrilled to bring Emma and Laura onto the team and know that their experiences and talent will contribute greatly to our goals for ED&I in elite British surfing. Furthermore, working collaboratively with the Home Nations and UK Sport is a priority for us, I am confident that together we can optimise our impact on both ED&I and sporting success.”

Emma Fry

Emma is dedicated to creating positive impact by driving forward social and organisational change, with a keen interest in ED&I and a psychology background. She brings vast experience and expertise from a range of projects spanning the intersectionality between gender and social class in education and unravelling the enablers and blockers to leadership progression in women.

Currently, in her role as a consultant, she leverages her expertise to help organisations through transformative change. As an avid surfer herself, she is eager to ensure that surfing is a welcoming and inclusive space for all.

Laura Setyo

Laura is an avid surfer dedicated to fostering inclusivity, building vibrant communities, and dismantling the structural barriers faced by marginalised groups. With experience in women’s surfing clubs across Australia and the UK, including her current leadership role with the LNDN Surfgirl Community, she brings her passion in shaping positive change to the sport she loves.

Professionally, Laura is an Associate Director at AstraZeneca, where she actively engages in corporate inclusion and diversity (I&D) efforts. She contributes to Employee Resource Groups focussed on neurodiversity and racial equity and advocates for I&D through her role as departmental I&D Champion. Laura is also passionate about community outreach, mentoring individuals from underrepresented backgrounds and driving initiatives that enhance their engagement in the science and technology sector. She is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Surrey, where she has influenced policies on race and gender issues.