GB Surfing supports Channel Islands Surfing Federation and Welsh Surfing Federation Technical Training Camp for Promising Junior Girls

With support from GB Surfing the Channel Islands hosted a packed weekend of technical inputs and priority heat training for 20 of the top Junior girls from Wales, Jersey and Guernsey.

The weekend followed themes of working on three key skills of the Performance Fundamentals – Forehand Snaps, Carves and Roundhouse Cutbacks. In addition, classroom and practical sessions were dedicated to Priority contest training with on beach heats run through the scoring system, LiveHeats.

Talking about the camp, Joel Gray, GB Surfing Performance Pathway Manager, said: “Following the last technical training Grom Camp we ran at The Wave in October, CISF Head Coach, Jake Powell fed back how well all of the girls had responded to the WSF Coach Emily Williams. The seed was planted to get Emily over to Jersey to run a camp dedicated to junior girls.

“The basic strategy was for Emily and Jake to deliver and input on some of the Performance Markers framework we have been working on behind the scenes as well as some of the takeaways from the last Junior camp in Portugal and last years’ ISA World Junior Surf Championships.”

Emily Williams, WSF Junior Head Coach, added: “This is something I dreamed of being able to do at their age and I am so pleased how the camp went. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jake and all the Welsh girls were so welcomed by the Jersey and Guernsey crew, so a big thank you to them. I’m looking forward to this being the start of something great for girl surfers in GB.”

Fun waves and conditions greeted the girls all weekend at the breaks of Le Braye and the iconic ‘Splash’ with the Watersplash being used as the classroom / analysis centre.

Jake Powell, CISF Junior Head Coach, commented: “I was stoked with how it all went, and it was a privilege getting to work with Welsh Coach, Emily who was a massive inspiration to our young local girls.”

The girls were fortunate enough to also meet and chat through some experiences of 1984 British and European Champion Arlene Maltman, who now sits on the Board of GB Surfing and is a passionate advocate for female surfers.

Talking about women surfers, Arlene, said: “It’s so important for women surfers to feel supported as they embark on their competitive journey. It can be a tough sport with its fair share of challenges – often within a predominately male environment. These camps aim to take the pressure off the girls by providing a dedicated supportive environment for them to thrive.

 I was absolutely delighted with the effort Jake and Emily put into making the weekend a success. Their expertise and coaching experience was valued by all. From all accounts the visit to Jersey made special memories. I see these events as just the beginning – from here we can continue to cultivate our young female surfers, allowing them to fulfil their dreams of becoming future champions. 

I’m really encouraged by the work of GB Surfing, we are fully committed to a full Diversity and Inclusion strategy and I am confident we will go from strength to strength in supporting women’s surfing.”



Wales Gwen Morgan, Charlotte Eales, Poppy Owen, Indi Lynch, Caitlin Bazley, Katie David, Taylor Shelmerdine

Guernsey Indi Warren, Katie Smith

Jersey Daisy Heddercott, Maina Cummins, Seija Boletta, Nava Dowse-Harris, Rebecca Lynam, Amiyah Sinclair, Shea Cummins, Hollie Smith, Maise Le Moignan, Erin Ridgard

Picture Credit: Sue Trower